Who are we?

GEIA was established in 1998 as an Approved Inspection Authority to pioneer a pilot project established by the Department of Labour in conducting inspections and investigations to assist the public in determining the validity of certificates of compliance (COC’s) issued by electrical contractors in accordance with the Electrical Installation Regulations.

GEIA has since utilized experience gained during its 20 years of working with the Regulator to focus its activities on inspection and auditing of electrical installations in Commercial, Industrial plant and factory environments and more recently checking compliance of Solar PV power supply systems.

GEIA conducts electrical audit inspections on behalf of the public to make special findings as to:

  • The safety of any condition prevalent to an electrical installation on or in any premises. 
  • The question of whether any particular standard has been or is being complied with

The provisions of the Electrical Installation Regulations 2009 prescribes that the user or lessor (as the case may be) of any electrical installation shall be responsible for the safety, safe use and maintenance of any electrical installation hat he/she uses or leases.

The Regulations also require that the user or lessor (as the case may be) be in possession of a VALID certificate of compliance (COC)for such electrical installation.

Our Mission

To ensure the safety and protection of persons and property by providing competent inspectors to inspect and investigate public complaints regarding Electrical Certificates of Compliance and Safety Standards

Our Mission, Vision and Values

  • To provide accurate, unbiased and timeous feedback of electrical audits
  • Professional practice in dealing with our clients
  • Become more efficient in our business operation by providing quality training to our clients to ensure compliance with Regulations and Standards.
  • Ensure competent qualified staff through on-going training
  • Operate honestly with integrity
  • Respect for people, opinions and differences in skills diversity
  • Accountability by taking responsibility for our actions and decisions.